CANECT 2023 - Due Diligence in Environmental Prosecutions: A Mock Trial

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Marc McAree and Matthew Gardner will be co-chairing the CANECT Course titled: Due Diligence in Environmental Prosecutions: A Mock Trial.

The following will be guest speakers for the course:

  • Alessia Petricone-Westwood, Associate Lawyer, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • Gerry Parrott, P.Geo., QP, Founder, BlueFrog Environmental Consulting Inc.
  • Oshin Gharabegian, P.Geo., Senior Project Manager, BlueFrog Environmental Consulting Inc.
  • Julia Pejic, Senior Project Manager, BlueFrog Environmental Consulting Inc.

Course Description

Million dollar fines. Personal liability. Go directly to jail. Do not collect $200.

Crown Prosecutors are more vigorously prosecuting environmental violations and seeking higher fines and other significant penalties against companies and individuals alike. Defence counsel in environmental prosecutions must leave no stone unturned in rebutting the Crown. Defendants and their counsel must avail themselves of all defences and strategies to defend against allegations of environmental quasi-crimes.

A successful due diligence defence is key to defending environmental prosecutions and seeking an acquittal. In a full-day workshop, we will review key tips and traps for defending environmental prosecutions including defences to assert. We will discuss recent trends and hot topics in environmental prosecutions. Finally, we will conduct a mock environmental prosecution trial based on a chemical water discharge to a watercourse.

For more information on the course and to register, click here.