Environmental Impact Assessment

Impact assessments identify and evaluate the potential benefits and risks of a project across a wide breadth of types of impacts including environmental, health, social, economic, and Indigenous communities. Assessments are required for certain energy, infrastructure, resource, and development projects depending on specific legally defined thresholds based on the type of project.

The federal Impact Assessment Agency of Canada provides leadership in this area and is responsible for Canada’s environmental assessment process under Canada’s Impact Assessment Act. Provincial governments also review projects under provincial environmental assessment legislation. Municipalities also assess projects that are subject to environmental assessment laws including class environmental assessments for many types of local government projects.

Environmental impact assessment expertise

At Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers, our lawyers represent proponents, host municipalities and interveners as well as review panels and administrative tribunals in impact assessment processes. Our lawyers also assist with exemptions, extensions, and designation applications. We represent clients at all stages of the environmental impact assessment process for applications for waste management and disposal, incineration, energy, municipal infrastructure and services, water and sewage, mining, and aggregate resources undertakings.

Our team is experienced in negotiating municipal compensation agreements (host community compensation agreements), property value compensation agreements, and public liaison agreements. Our lawyers also appeal administrative impact assessment decisions and apply to courts for judicial review when necessary. In cases where a decision falls under ministerial discretion, we advocate for our clients by appealing to the Cabinet on their behalf.

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