Environmental litigation arises when an environmental issue gives rise to a dispute. Disputes about environmental issues require specialized environmental litigators who are well-versed in the intersection of science, engineering, and law. Our lawyers are expert problem-solvers who help clients resolve environmental disputes, whether by facilitating settlements or by litigating conflicts before administrative tribunals and the Courts.

What are the main types of environmental litigation?

Environmental litigation is largely divided into two main areas:

  • environmental regulatory litigation involves appeals of orders, and appeals of approvals, permits, and licences issued by environmental regulators and defence of regulatory prosecutions.
  • environmental civil litigation involves environmental lawsuits for injunctions and damages, and also judicial reviews of government decisions.

Environmental litigation expertise

Our team of environmental litigators acts for clients in the areas of:

  • appeals of government approvals, permits, and licences
  • appeals of government orders that can lead to regulatory investigations and quasi-criminal prosecutions
  • alternative dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation and arbitration, or some combination of them
  • breach of contract in the environmental context
  • climate change litigation
  • contaminated land lawsuits
  • defence of regulatory prosecutions
  • environmental nuisance claims
  • environmental professional negligence claims
  • Indigenous rights and interests litigation
  • injunctions
  • judicial review applications
  • management of regulatory investigations.

Environmental civil litigation

Our environmental litigators work with clients to resolve environmental disputes including claims for damages, injunctions, and judicial reviews. When methods of alternative dispute resolution fail, our litigators are ready to bring their experience to bear before administrative tribunals and the Courts.

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Environmental regulatory litigation

We support clients by managing regulatory investigations, appealing regulatory orders and approvals, permits, and licences, and defending clients in environmental prosecutions, in various forums including before administrative tribunals and the Courts.

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Climate change litigation

Climate change litigation is a new and burgeoning area of environmental litigation. Our lawyers advise clients about the impact that their projects may have on greenhouse gas emissions, the potential liability they may face, and how to comply with climate change regulations.

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