Waste Law

Waste management is an important and complex consideration for municipalities, industrial manufacturers and producers, managers of construction projects, and those in the business of managing waste and waste streams. This includes businesses involved in recycling, diversion, energy-from-waste, product stewardship, and promotion of the circular economy.

The collection, handling, transportation, storage and disposal of waste, particularly hazardous and toxic waste, must be completed responsibly, according to all approval terms and conditions, and in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Failure to comply can lead to environmental consequences with serious legal ramifications including regulatory orders, prosecutions, and lawsuits.

Our lawyers provide waste advice to clients in many sectors including waste management operators, chemical producers, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers, importers and distributors, and many others including municipal and other government authorities.

Waste law expertise

At Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers, our lawyers assist clients with environmental matters associated with waste management including storage, handling, transportation, storage, processing, treatment, recycling, diversion, and disposal of waste.

Our environmental lawyers provide environmental law advice to clients about:

  • waste management approval and permit applications
  • regulator consultations and negotiations
  • recycling, processing, and treatment sites
  • waste transportation approval compliance
  • mobile processing equipment
  • generator registration, manifesting, and waste documentation systems
  • inter-provincial and international waste transportation and disposal
  • waste disposal sites (private and municipal) approval compliance
  • reuse of excess soil including testing, transportation and disposal requirements
  • appeal of regulatory orders
  • defence of regulatory prosecutions.

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