• Marc McAree did a great job and [I] would not hesitate recommending [him] for environmental law. Thank you for suggesting Marc.

    Email to Marc McAree from a Toronto commercial property owner client to referring legal counsel
  • Thank you for all the attention to this partnership, Carl. You are doing a great job and we are really pleased with your work.

    Email to Carl McKay from Industry Client
  • John G (who is a Partner at the law firm Willms & Shier) is the lawyer who has been advising us. He and I have talked several times and he has done a great job in advising us and adding clarity.

    Email to John G. from Vice President, Environmental Consultants
  • It was a real pleasure meeting you and your team yesterday.  You must be very proud of the firm and the legacy you’ve created.  Thank you very much for the paper.  I’m particularly impressed with the due diligence checklist – very pragmatic approach to potential liability.

    Email to Donna Shier from Legal Counsel
  • I feel enlightened just from talking to you. I will speak to these gentlemen and I thank you so much for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated. It is not every day that people just do nice things for complete strangers. 

    Email to John Georgakopoulos from Real Estate Lawyer

  • John Willms is a consummate environmental law professional, with whom I had the pleasure of working with on several contaminated site projects.  John possesses the unique quality of combining knowledge from both the environmental sciences and legal frameworks to the benefit of his clients.  He takes the effort to understand the technical issues at hand, and translate those into relevant legal (as well as strategic) guidance.  Gleaning relevant and accurate insight to the issues at hand was shown to be one of his strengths.  In conjunction with his clear and concise writing style, my interactions with him had concurrently helped improve my communication abilities as an environmental professional, for which I have been grateful.

    Email to John Willms from Environmental Consultant

  • Ms. Shier has always proven to be professional and knowledgeable in all our dealings. Her broad experience allows her to offer many alternative options and she always responds on a timely basis.

    Anonymous, Best Lawyers Website