Our northern law team of lawyers focus on the unique demands and legal frameworks found in Canada’s three Northern Territories.

How our northern law team helps

Our northern law team provides expert legal advice about environmental law, administrative law, Indigenous legal issues (Aboriginal law), resources management, and land claims. Our team takes a collaborative approach to working with Northerners, governments, industry, boards and tribunals, Indigenous communities, Inuit Organizations, Inuvialuit, and First Nations.

Our team works in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. 

Our lawyers advise resource developers, First Nations and Inuit groups about land, water and resource management, including Impact Benefit Agreements. They also appear before environmental and regulatory tribunals on matters relating to mining and other resource development projects.

Our lawyers provide advice about wildlife management to a range of stakeholders.  Our work includes appearing before wildlife boards on wildlife management decisions, defending wildlife prosecutions, working on wildlife legislation development, and advising on Indigenous wildlife rights. 

Our lawyers also represent and advise boards and tribunals about environmental impact assessments, land and water resource management, and wildlife management issues.

We advise the territorial governments, individuals, Indigenous organizations, resource developers and other stakeholders about existing and proposed environmental and wildlife legislation, and environmental and wildlife provisions under land claim agreements.

Our lawyers represent parties in environmental civil litigation, responding to regulatory orders, and defence of prosecutions.  Our lawyers also assist clients to understand and manage environmental liabilities associated with contaminated land. 

Northern law expertise

Our northern law team supports clients on a broad range of matters including:

  • co-management issues
  • environmental assessments
  • environmental legislative and regulatory law reform
  • environmental resources management
  • environmental litigation
  • Indigenous legal issues
  • judicial review
  • land and water board hearings
  • land claim interpretation and implementation
  • wildlife law, hearings, and management
  • corporate commercial legal support.

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Willms & Shier has offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Yellowknife. Our lawyers are called to the Bar in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Ontario.

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