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February 15, 2018

SMART Remediation 2018 (Ottawa) - Mitigating Environmental Risks and Liabilities for Consultants and Contractors

On February 15, 2018, Marc McAree will be speaking at the 2018 Ottawa  SMART Remediation Conference.

The conference will be taking place in Ottawa, Ontario at the 
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre (200 Coventry Road, K1K 4S3).

Marc's presentation is titled: Mitigating Environmental Risks and Liabilities for Consultants and Contractors.

Environmental consultants and contractors live in a world of exposure to environmental risks and liabilities.  Their highly regulated work compels their need to comply with laws, regulations and rules that define what should and should not be done.

What is essential to mitigating environmental risks and liabilities is a thorough understanding of the regulatory framework and willingness to adhere, and structuring relationships among themselves and with clients to bring clarity to their work.  This includes knowing who is responsible to do what and, often more importantly, who is responsible to not do what.  This may sound simple. But, in practice, it is not always so.

Many common consultant and contractor blunders arise from poor communication, operating outside of their area of expertise, failing to understand the requisite standard of care, missing issues altogether, underestimating resources required, exacerbating environmental issues, failing to negotiate reasonable liability limits, and misunderstanding insurance coverage.  Environmental consultants and contractors get sued.  They get prosecuted. Once found liable, they may have to pay damages or fines, or even go to jail.

Marc's presentation draws upon years of our firm’s environmental lawyers’ dealings with consultants and contractors who, from time-to-time, find themselves ‘in hot water’.

For more information and to register, click here

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