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August 05, 2015

INEF 2015 Conference: Experts in Environmental Litigation

On Wednesday, August 5, 2015, Marc McAree will be presenting at the International Network of Environmental Forensics Conference in Toronto, Ontario. The conference is hosted by Victoria College at the University of Toronto.

Marc's presentation entitled: Experts in Environmental Litigation will set out an overview of what environmental litigators should consider when counting on environmental experts in litigation. 

Marc will:

  • review what environmental litigators need to know about finding and retaining experts, and experts' professional and legal duties.
  • examine what opinions Canadian courts offer about the expected relationship between counsel and experts, and alternative approaches to tendering expert evidence.
  • canvass the law of admissibility of expert evidence including how far legal privilege extends over communications with experts and experts' reports, and how best to establish and maintain an expert's credibility before and at trial.
For more information on this conference and to register, click here.

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