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April 05, 2023

Hamilton Halton Construction Association - Excess Soil: Regulation VS. Reality

On Wednesday, April 5, 2023Matthew Gardner will be a panelist at the Hamilton Halton Construction Association program titled - Excess Soil: Regulation VS. Reality.

Ontario's excess soil laws are here and "trucking right along"! Ontario's booming construction industry is grappling with new legal requirements to manage excess soil. These amendments, which came into effect January 1, 2023, include removing the reuse planning requirements for some projects and removing the limit on soil storage piles. In addition, the registration and notice filing requirements that were temporarily paused in April 2022 have come back into effect (as of January 1, 2023). These requirements must be completed in RPRA's Excess Soil Registry.

Projects that generate excess soil impose obligations on construction and waste management industries, consultants, contractors, municipalities, land owners, and developers alike.

So what does this all mean? How have fellow construction companies been dealing with excess soils on their jobsites? What approach should you take? What makes soil deemed to be "waste"?

For more information on the program and to register, click here.

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