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| Speaking Engagement
April 29, 2013 to May 01, 2013

21st Annual CANECT 2013

Air Emissions - On April 29, John Georgakopoulos is the co-Chair and will discuss how O. Reg. 419 regulates air emissions.  Jacquelyn Stevens will address the legal aspects of nuisance; and Joanna Vince will discuss getting the right approach to greenhouse gases.

Water & Wastewater - On April 30, Julie Abouchar will chair the session. Julie will present an overview of the regulatory regime for water and wastewater, and on Fisheries Act enforcement. Marc will discuss discharges, spills and cost recovery orders, and the due diligence to an environmental prosecution.

Waste Management - On May 1, Jacquelyn Stevens presents Integration of the federal/provincial regulatory regime; John Georgakopoulos presents What is Waste?  What Should be waste?; and Joanna Vince discusses environmental assessment for waste management. 

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