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Environmental Management System (EMS) & ISO 14001


Corporate and municipal EMS planning, development and implementation including:

  • Identifying applicable international and other environmental standards
  • Preliminary Environmental Risk Analysis and Environmental Audit to establish state of compliance as basis for establishing Corporate Environmental Policy, in context of corporate objectives and resource priorities
  • Corporate Environmental Policy development based on state of compliance, management objectives, corporate resources

EMS Planning must consider:

  • Specific industrial/municipal environmental activities and concerns,
  • Regulatory and contractual requirements, industry standards and industry association commitments, codes of conduct, voluntary commitments
  • Corporate objectives and targets

EMS Implementation and Operation includes:

  • Integrating environmental responsibilities into the organizational structure
  • Establishing clear lines of communication
  • Training all responsible parties
  • Documenting the EMS and integrating EMS aspects into manuals, procedures and other corporate documentation
  • Design and implementation of document control and operation control procedures
  • Design and implementation of emergency preparedness and response programs

EMS Checking and Corrective Action may include:

  • Monitoring and measurement of environmental performance designed to indicate conformance with targets and objectives, legal compliance and to provide early indication of areas requiring preventative or corrective action
  • Records designed and maintained to complement EMS operation and goals
  • Environmental management system audit
  • Management Review
  • Executive review and action maintains the integrity of EMS
  • Due diligence requires executive oversight

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