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Green technology or “cleantech” is one of the fastest growing drivers of the Canadian economy. By 2009, the domestic market for energy efficient, low waste and other environmentally friendly technologies had grown to some $35 billion a year. Global demand was estimated at well over $1 trillion (US). On-going initiatives to address climate change, promote renewable energy, upgrade infrastructure and strengthen environmental safeguards are attracting billions more in private sector, venture capital and government funding.

Willms & Shier is uniquely situated, as a firm focused on environmental, Aboriginal and energy law, to respond to this growing sector. Our experienced Clean Technology practice will help you navigate the complex bureaucracy that oversees the registration, assessment, permitting and approval of cleantech projects. We’ll show you how to plan and implement a robust environmental management strategy that exceeds current compliance requirements. And we’ll work with you to craft a due diligence safety net that will minimize future environmental risks.

Our Clean Technology experts will also

  • Provide ongoing insight and intelligence on new legal requirements and evolving regulatory developments in the fields of environmental, energy, Aboriginal and land use planning law
  • Negotiate and draft agreements for the development, implementation and use of clean technology
  • Assist with project development, including accessing sources of private and public financing
  • Help register new substances and products, which can include meeting the federal New Substances Notification and Significant New Activity (SNAc) requirements
  • Advise on the importing and exporting of new products and substances
  • Negotiate with regulators to achieve reasonable approval or registration terms
  • Provide neutral facilitation with government and interested stakeholders
  • Advise on standards applicable to “green” marketing for Clean Technology.

We understand the special challenges that cleantech companies face. Our Clean Technology team has assisted clients in a broad range of sectors, including renewable energy and energy infrastructure, contaminated site remediation, agriculture, waste recycling and disposal, air quality management, water and wastewater treatment, and the development of nanotechnology and other advanced materials.

Some of our Recent Projects

  • Willms & Shier negotiated a favourable settlement at an OEB hearing on behalf of a leading renewable energy provider that will secure its financial future.
  • Willms & Shier advised on a complex agreement for the use of a new waste management technology on behalf of a large municipality.
  • Willms & Shier has assisted numerous private companies in obtaining regulatory approvals and licenses to import, develop and/or use new substances and technologies (including nanotechnology) in consumer products.
  • Willms & Shier assisted in obtaining approvals for a pilot project involving innovative water treatment technology.
  • Willms & Shier obtained approval for a project involving advanced odour control related to waste water treatment technology.
  • Willms & Shier provided advice on policy and legislative considerations for bio-diesel production and co-generation pilot projects for re-use of by-products.
  • Willms & Shier has provided legal input to environmental assessment approvals for biomass energy production facilities.

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