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Marc McAree did a great job and [I] would not hesitate recommending [him] for environmental law. Thank you for suggesting Marc.
Email from a Toronto commercial property owner client to referring legal counsel, April 2014

Thank you for all the attention to this partnership, Carl. You are doing a great job and we are really pleased with your work.
Email to Carl McKay from Industry Client, March 2014

John G (who is a Partner at the law firm Willms & Shier) is the lawyer who has been advising us. He and I have talked several times and he has done a great job in advising us and adding clarity.
Email from Vice President, Environmental Consultants, February 2014

It was a real pleasure meeting you and your team yesterday.  You must be very proud of the firm and the legacy you’ve created.  Thank you very much for the paper.  I’m particularly impressed with the due diligence checklist – very pragmatic approach to potential liability.
Email to Donna Shier from Legal Counsel, November 2013

I feel enlightened just from talking to you. I will speak to these gentlemen and I thank you so much for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated. It is not every day that people just do nice things for complete strangers. 
Email to John Georgakopoulos from Real Estate Lawyer, September 2013

John Willms is a consummate environmental law professional, with whom I had the pleasure of working with on several contaminated site projects.  John possesses the unique quality of combining knowledge from both the environmental sciences and legal frameworks to the benefit of his clients.  He takes the effort to understand the technical issues at hand, and translate those into relevant legal (as well as strategic) guidance.  Gleaning relevant and accurate insight to the issues at hand was shown to be one of his strengths.  In conjunction with his clear and concise writing style, my interactions with him had concurrently helped improve my communication abilities as an environmental professional, for which I have been grateful.
Environmental Consultant, September 2013

Ms. Shier has always proven to be professional and knowledgeable in all our dealings. Her broad experience allows her to offer many alternative options and she always responds on a timely basis.
Anonymous, Best Lawyers Website

John, you're a great guy to work with. Like other good lawyers, you're able to keep track of complex technical content even while concurrent multiple conversations are swirling around the table, plus you have a firm but gentle way of pulling people back to the real purpose of the task at hand.  Unlike many, you’re able to do this with total equanimity and without a trace of pique.
Environmental Consultant, March 2013

Tom was very pleased with the advice received from your firm, and singled out Jacquie as having been "excellent".
Environmental Consultant, May 2013

It is always a pleasure to retain you for your expertise and practical explanations and risk analysis.
Email to John Georgakopoulos from Partner, Law Firm, April 2013

Joanna, thank you for hosting with your colleagues a wonderful moot. It was so professionally organized, collegial, entertaining and, above all, intellectually stimulating. My students, as for other teams, will retain terrific memories of an event and experience where they learned so much.
Professor, Faculty of Law, March 2013

John, I can safely say that when a transaction occasionally crosses my desk wherein the client would greatly benefit from sound advice in the area of environmental law, I invariably offer your name as a recommendation.
Executive, Financial Institution, December 2012

Marc, I have enjoyed our relationship and I very much respect your professionalism and most important your support.
Chief Operating Officer, December 2012

Working with John Georgakopoulos was very beneficial and also enjoyable. You guys seem to have a fun time being partners, friends, and environmental specialists. Quite an impressive accomplishment.
Partner, Law Firm, November 2012

Marc, I think you have provided an excellent solution to the problem and it fits exactly with our work plan on the subrogation issue that we are discussing right now.
Claims Analyst, September 2012

Donna, I should have gotten you involved earlier. I’ve learned a lot and always feel energized after talking with you. It’s money well spent.
Client, August 2012

Marc, I am so impressed with your intellectual honesty and know we will eventually work together on some of our projects/consent orders.
Client, July 2012

Marc, this follows the reasonable and common sense approach you have counselled throughout.
Claims Analyst, March 2012

I have thus worked with Donna Shier now for over the last 20 years or so. She has worked to resolve many complex environmental issues and set up key due diligence programs and also developed corporate and operational policies and programs. She is a well-qualified and experienced environmental lawyer. Donna Shier is the epitome of diligence in researching environmental projects, identifying the key issues and providing outstanding advice to her clients. Donna works quickly and can meet tough deadlines with accuracy and diligence. She covers all the ground and leaves no stone unturned. She also has a very effective way to reduce the complex to the understandable. I have found Donna Shier's advice always appropriate and going beyond the minimal scope of the work she is doing. Her leadership abilities are extremely good in the way she develops a team relationship with her clients and presents information in a clear, understandable manner, adjusting her style to her audience and advising on sometimes distasteful environmental circumstances in a very acceptable manner. Proof of her abilities and performance lies in the fact that Donna Shier would be my first call on any environmental matter, be it interpretations of regulatory issues, development of corporate business environmental planning, environmental assessments, or the resolution of serious legal environmental issues. 
Client, Executive Management, Consumer Products

Marc, I just wanted to say that my reflection of your contribution to this morning’s discussion brought to mind the harbour pilot/river pilot that ship owners have to hire to steer the ship through the treacherous hazards.
Claims Analyst, December 2011

John, was I ever glad you were there when we needed you. Both on a professional and personal note it has been a rare privilege working with someone of your ability and knowledge. You are a consummate professional who I learned a ton from.
Executive, Biofuels, July 2011

Julie, on a more personal note, I have greatly enjoyed working with you the past few months and have come to respect your professionalism and concern for your clients.
Investment Advisor, January 2011

I know of your firm simply by reputation. There was little question where I would go. I then went to your web site to look for a partner most qualified to help. I've also been to and heard about conferences where your firm was presenting. So generally it was reputation.
Legal Counsel, February 2010

I want to thank you again for all of your efforts in preparing this Memo under such tight timelines. The implications of this letter are enormous for this project and our future endeavours.
Brownfields Developer

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce you to Julie Abouchar whom I've mentioned before. She has done a wonderful job representing the group for years and has been generous and very helpful in sharing her files and thoughts with us about next steps. 
Senior Litigation Counsel

Thank you very much for all your efforts Julie - I am pretty sure we couldn't have completed this without you !
CAO, Ontario Municipality

Willms & Shier is a "bluechip environmental law firm."
Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Willms & Shier is a "household name".
Environmental Management Systems Consultant

Intelligent, detail oriented and organized people, a pleasure to work with.
Shopping Centre, Property Manager/Owner

The ability to grasp the very nature of our business and the extent of our situation and report regularly on the magnitude of the issue.
Steel Company Executive

Very good in environmental affairs and provides us with great advice.
Die Casting Company

I felt comfortable and trusted their judgment.
Individual client with contaminated land law suit

Positive, friendly and approachable attitude.
Automotive Parts, EHS Manager

Honest & very helpful. I would recommend this law firm to anyone.
District Social Planning Council