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March 23, 2012

Two-year fit review

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Two-year FIT review confirms need for Aboriginal and local community support for projects. Regulatory approvals to be further streamlined. Province listens to need for price certainty.

Ontario is set to reduce the guaranteed price it pays producers for solar and wind generated electricity, while holding steady on the price paid for water, biogas, biomass and landfill gas power. In addition, the province has pledged to reduce the timelines for regulatory approvals by up to 25 per cent, reserve a minimum of 10 per cent of the remaining FIT contract capacity for projects with 50 per cent or more Aboriginal or community involvement, and permit municipalities to play a greater role in the development of renewable energy across the province.

As it released the report, the Ontario government announced that it is formally adopting the recommendations contained in Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program Two-Year Review Report: Building Ontario’s Clean Energy Future released March 22, 2012. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will now draft the necessary program rules and contracts needed to implement them. These materials will be posted on the microFIT and FIT websites shortly for review and comment.

The scheduled two-year review of the FIT program’s rules and pricing schedules was launched in October 31, 2011 to ensure that the program “remains successful and sustainable.” Ontario Deputy Minister Fareed Amin was appointed to lead the review, working closely with the Ministry of Energy and the OPA. Ontarians were invited to answer an on-line survey and make written submissions, while direct consultations were undertaken with municipalities, community groups and the renewable energy sector.