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Serin Remedios


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Serin Remedios is an associate lawyer practicing environmental litigation as well as environmental, Aboriginal, northern and energy law.  Serin's past experience in environmental science helps her understand clients' problems and assist them in meeting their goals.  Serin is called to the bar in Ontario.

Environmental Law

Serin advises clients about environmental regulatory obligations and provides solutions to help clients manage environmental liability and identify sources of recovery including environmental insurance.

Environmental Litigation

Serin advocates for clients with environmental civil litigation, regulatory prosecutions and administrative appeals.

Serin defends clients charged with municipal, provincial and federal environmental offences.

Aboriginal and Northern Law

Serin assists First Nation and Inuit communities, resource proponents, and environmental boards with environmental law issues and natural resource projects.

Energy, Climate Change, and Emissions Trading

Serin advises clients about compliance with provincial and federal climate change legislation, emissions regulation, and carbon markets.

Prior Environmental Experience

Serin has a B.Sc (President's List) in Environmental Science and Economics.

In law school, Serin's team placed first in the 2015 Willms & Shier Environmental Law Moot and Serin was awarded First Place Oralist.  In the final match, Serin appeared in front of a panel of judges from the Supreme Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

At the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Serin prepared academic papers as a research assistant on climate change, municipal liability, water management and economic instruments.


  • Industrial businesses
  • Land developers and property owners
  • Commercial landlords and tenants
  • Municipalities
  • Conservation authorities
  • Aboriginal, Inuit, and Métis communities and businesses
  • Environmental boards and tribunals including northern boards and tribunals
  • Mining and exploration, energy and infrastructure proponents
  • Individuals

Representative Work

Environmental Law

  • Environmental Management Plan—Advised a hospital about its environmental liabilities and created a spills management plan for hospital staff to use.
  • Landlord's Environmental Liabilities—Worked closely with an environmental consulting firm to determine a landlord's potential environmental liabilities at an industrial property.  Helped our client ensure that the tenants were in compliance with regulatory obligations.
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals—Advised a real estate developer about environmental compliance approvals for sewers in a subdivision development.

Environmental Litigation

  • Defence of Business Owners in a Civil Claim—Defended a group of business owners from a claim involving soil and groundwater contamination of a neighbouring property.
  • Business Loss Compensation for Oil Spill—Represented small business owners affected by an oil spill from a train derailment.  Brought a claim and negotiated with the rail company for compensation for impact to the client's business.
  • Defence of a Dry Cleaning Business—Defended a dry cleaning chemical supplier in response to a regulatory prosecution.
  • Wind Turbine Opposition—Advocated for a municipality to appeal a wind turbine project that threatened human safety.
  • Appeal of Director's Order—Represented a municipality on an appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal of a Director's Order regarding removal of waste.

Aboriginal and Northern Law

  • Submissions on the NEB—Assisted a First Nation making submissions to the Expert Panel on the National Energy Board modernization process.
  • Northern Project Development Advice—Advised a construction company developing a project in Nunavut about environmental legislation relating to soil contamination.

Energy, Climate Change, and Emissions Trading

  • Regulatory Obligations—Advised a fuel supplier about its obligations under federal and provincial diesel regulatory frameworks and Ontario's cap and trade system.
  • Advice on Alberta Energy Market—Advised an American investment company about the status of the power market in Alberta and potential impacts of the Alberta government's policy decisions on coal.



  • Canadian Bar Association—member
  • Ontario Bar Association—member


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  • Called to the bar of Ontario (2017)
  • J.D., University of Toronto (2016)
  • B.Sc., (Dist) Environmental Science and Economics, University of King's College (2012)


"The thing that is most valuable is that I have absolute confidence in the advice I’m getting."

Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers Client